What power bank should you choose

So your phone’s battery has worn down over time and you often find yourself away from home with a dead phone and no charger? That happens more often than you would think. Today’s smartphones are very powerful devices but it comes with the price. The phone batteries that are currently produced often are not able to handle the power-heavy devices. All of the apps, colorful screens, and beautiful detailed photos – all of that is great but it’s also the reason the battery is being drained so quickly.

There is a simple solution to this problem. Purchasing a power bank and having it on hand at all times can be a real life-saver. Power banks can also be called portable chargers and their purpose is to charge your phone when you’re on the go, without having to search for an available power socket or a USB port.

Solar power banks

Power banks have to be charged themselves before you can use one to charge your phone. This unfortunately means having to remember to charge the power bank before you leave the house. They are usually charged by some type of USB port. But there is a way to avoid adding one more thing to your to-do list. You can buy yourself a solar power bank. They are powered by solar energy so you just need to remember to take it out of the bag and put it on the window sill or on your car dashboard during daylight. They can sit there indefinitely until you will have to use it to charge your phone.

Be aware though, that charging the power bank using solar energy is a slow process and can take quite some time. Still, it is a nice feature that can be useful when you want to take advantage of these sunny days. Solar power banks can usually also be charged in a regular way, by cable, so it is not like you can’t use them in winter.

What to look out for when choosing a power bank

The first thing you should do is check the charging capacity of the power bank. Some of the weaker ones don’t even have enough power to fully charge the newest smartphone models once. To find out how many mAh (milliampere-hours) you need to check your phone’s battery. A power bank of around 5000-6000 mAh should be enough for most smartphones.

Also, check the measurements of the power bank. A good portable power bank should be small enough to fit into a purse, backpack, or even a pocket so you don’t want something too bulky. Smaller power banks will usually also have smaller charging capacity but it will take a shorter time to charge the power bank itself.

Some other things to consider are the number of ports available and extras, such as a LED light that tells you when the power bank has been charged.

A solid choice for a power bank is Patriot Solar Bank. They have lightweight models of around 20000 mAh that come equipped with a hook you can use to hang the power bank to your backpack or clothes so that it is always charging.

How Groupon Business Happens

Merchants give discounts; they are pitched by Groupon buying sites; sales are made and everyone lives happily ever after.
This is how most people decipher the business model of Groupon but it is not as simple as it seems. There are a number of steps involved and every step has its own importance. One hitch and expected profit comes as unexpected loss. Hence, understanding Groupon model is crucial before drawing conclusions. So, here is a better explanation of what really happens.
(Please note that the process, more or less, applies for Groupon clones as well)
Joining Hands
The first step involved in bringing alive a deal is an understanding between merchant and Living Social Deals site. Sometimes, a merchant himself approaches a coupon company with which he wishes to pitch his products and sometimes representatives or sales or customer executives come in touch. One mostly doesnt enter in a commitment with just one company and rather likes to gain advantage from the mailing lists of different firms. Groupon is surely the giant in the town but there are many clones also with respectable amount of senders base. Once terms and conditions are decided in this step, process moves ahead.
Sketching the Deal
Hanging a 20% sale signboard outside ones store and offering a discount though Groupons software are entirely different things. While no technical aspects are involved in prior other than figuring out how much you would be making at the end of the day, there are a lot of technicalities involved in the latter. Such technicalities could be how much discount to offer, minimum coupon-purchases required to make the deal active, framing restrictions on redemption on some specific days (popular in case on restaurants) and many other points. However, technicalities are totally deal sensitive.
When Deal Goes Live
As aforementioned, Groupon like companies have large senders lists and when an attractive deal hits the servers, there is a lot of activity for the initial two or three weeks. To treat such a large inflow, merchants need to be prepared with extra manpower or resources at hand if there is requirement of the same. Daily deals companies have learnt from their experiences and nowadays help merchants in dealing with the situation to enhance customer experience. If the planning part is flawless, there are very less chances of merchants being taken by surprise.
Redemption is an important part for merchants as well as customers. Former needs to keep track of how many coupons have been redeemed to know about the effectiveness of the deal. It is also important to keep a check on fraudulent activities based on coupons. Some companies offer special redemption-tracking services to merchants to let them have better control. Redemption through scanning and mobile apps is also widely popular.
While Players like Groupon and LivingSocial are the behemoths of the field, a number of entrepreneurs are experimenting with deal-of-the-day concept with their own platforms. Hence, the business of group script clone is booming with people scouring the web for deals that could save them the money.
In all this, daily deals Groupon clone manufacturing companies are playing a prominent role by offering affordable scripts to businessmen willing to test the waters of daily deals business. A number of clones have established themselves by capitalizing on such technically sound platforms. Another thing that worked in favor of clones is that they didnt repeat the mistakes committed by Groupon and other biggies initially and successfully established themselves in the market.
Well, this is how deals business works.

Christmas Gifts That Any Fishermen Will Love

This season of Christmas comes with a unique opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. It is usually an avenue for buying special gifts for special people that will help them remember the awesome gifts Christmas brings. For those who have friends and family members that love going for fishing trips, it won’t be a bad idea to come up with special gift items for them. Some of the gift items to be selected should not only be meaningful, but special.

Fishing Christma Gifts

A salt water fishing reel is an awesome piece of fishing equipment used for attaching bait and catching fishing. It comes in various shapes and sizes. A standard quality reel will enable you to handle bigger baits even in the most turbulent salt water. The salty water makes using an ordinary fishing reel useless as it can get corroded with time, unlike the salt water fishing real that’s sturdy and durable. Go out of your way and get that special friend who loves fishing a quality salt water fishing reel that can be gotten online from $429.

Portable bait container is usually found among the fishing accessories used by most fishermen. They come in various shapes, but the more portable a bait container is, the better for the fisherman, to avoid excess luggage while fishing. Some quality baits can help keep the bait alive. So depending on the choice of bait used; leeches, shrimps, sand fleas, the portable bait container preserves them till they are needed. The choice of the bait container depends on your budget, but a standard one goes for as low as $20.

Fancy fishing knives are every fisherman’s delight. The uses of a knife during fishing trips cannot be overemphasized. It is a basic tool for cutting fish and baits. A quality knife should be stainless and made of the highest quality steel. Some are made of alloy materials and their colorful jacket makes them distinct. A fisherman who goes fishing without a knife will obviously be helpless and can’t do much without this vital piece of hardware. A good defensive weapon also when needed in case of emergencies. A standard 9 inch knife can be bought online for just $20.

Fishing bags are so helpful to the average fisherman, as it helps in keeping personal items and arranging them in their various compartments within the bag. A fishing bag is a huge organizer, as it helps to organize your fishing trips. Some come as back pack that’s not too heavy for carriage. Dedicated compartments for knife, water can, baits and food stuffs are usually found in a standard fishing bag. A beautiful fishing bag that will stir the spirit of Christmas in the heart of a fisherman can be purchased from $114.

Fishing lights can be so useful for fishing trips that most fishermen carry one in their fishing bag. Instead of the conventional touch lights, it will be nice buying a fishing head light for that special fisherman friend of yours. The benefits of buying one is that its hands free and more convenient. These head lights are vital at night and in low visibility terrain. What makes this gift unique is that it is adjustable and it is water resistant just in case it falls into the water. Get one for $14.95 and share the joy of Christmas.

Best Nautica Colognes for Men You Should Consider

One questions most people asked the is, “Where can I find Nautica cologne for men?” Well the answer to that question is very simple, and I will tell you at the end of this post, but you need to know which ones you should keep an eye out for best Nautica colognes for men.

The Nautica Classic

Nautica Classic

The first one I would like to mention is the Nautica Classic. This one is excellent for guys who want to smell great for their woman yet still feel manly. It has the perfect blend of waters, florals and aromatic woods which gives off this very masculine scent. The bottle is also exceptionally crafted and cool to look at. You can get all this for around for low prices.



Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette

This men’s cologne combines a fresh aquatic fragrance with floral notes for a sweet and arousing result. This fascinating summer scent has top notes of fresh cut apple and cool green leaves that are complimented by water lotus, drenched mimosa and sailcloth accord. Moss, musk, amber, and cedarwood finish off this amazing aquatic scent with an earthy fragrance.

this rich and expressive scent is found within the bar-shaped gold bottle. This seductive and alluring fragrance is composed of blood mandarin, peppermint with sparkling fresh fruit top notes that include rose flower heart notes. possesses a fresh and sexy masculine scent which is perfect for a romantic night. This seductive fragrance has sharp notes of bergamot and lemon that are softened by hints of orange blossom and apple, strengthened by tonka bean and guaiac wood.

Well, I’m sure many people will be angry because they don’t see their favorite Nautica cologne up there. Don’t disregard these though because they will certainly be some of the best colognes you could ever own. One thing I love doing with these is not letting anyone know how much you paid and then making them think you paid.

You will find yourself making most of believers out of quite a few of them. They usually have many credible merchants selling these colognes at low prices.With this information in hand, every man should be able to find that perfect best Nautica colognes that fits their personality.

Top 10 Richest People In The World

We all enjoy anecdotes about the world’s richest people, and how easy life must be for them on a daily basis. Every one of us knows at least one person who is ‘rich’, but even that person is a very long way from being wealthy. True wealth comes not from money in the bank (although they help), but from the power that ownership gives to whomever has enough to influence and even control the lives of others.

The following list isn’t about the fortunate lottery winners of yesterday, or the clever investors of today. It is about the world’s wealthiest people, men and women who saw opportunity in what they were doing, and who capitalized on it to a great extent. Without further ado, here are the top 10 richest people in the world today:

10. Jim Walton – $36.6 billion

Jim is the youngest son of Sam Walton, the man who founded Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world. He owns 413 million shares of Wal-Mart, and about 51 percent of the retailer along with his brothers. Jim alone owns around 12 percent of the company’s outstanding stock, making him the biggest shareholder in the Walton family. He also controls Arvest Bank and Community Publishers, although his main wealth comes from Wal-Mart.

9. Christy Walton – $38.5 billion

Christy Walton is the richest woman in the world. As one of the major shareholders of Wal-Mart, she owns around 12 percent of the retail giant, and another 25 million shares of First Solar. Christy inherited her wealth from her late husband John T. Walton, one of Sam Walton’s sons. She is also a member of the San Diego Natural History Museum‘s board of directors and part of San Diego’s Zoological Society.

8. Larry Ellison – $41.2 billion

Larry is the founder of Oracle, the largest database company in the world. He currently owns real estate in Rhode Island, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Malibu, and Japan. Ellison also owns around 46 percent of NetSuite which is behind LeapFrog Enterprises, a company that makes educational software. To give you an impression of how wealthy Larry Ellison is, consider the fact that he owns an entire island in Hawaii, the Lanai island. Due to the fact that he signed ‘The Giving Pledge’ in 2010, he is committed to give away 95 percent of his fortune to charitable causes.

7. David Koch – $45.4 billion

David is the Executive Vice President of Koch Industries, a multinational corporation based in Wichita, Kansas, United States. As one of the largest closely held companies in the world, Koch Industries is involved in trading, ranching, paper pulp, oil refining, and pipelines. David owns more than 42 percent of Koch Industries, and is an active supporter of the Republican Party. He also ran for Vice President of the United States not so long ago.

6. Charles Koch – $45.4 billion

Charles is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Koch Industries, a company that he runs with his brother. Just like his brother David, Charles owns 42 percent of Koch Industries, which is worth more than $40 billion. Among others, Koch Industries owns Georgia Pacific, Koch Nitrogen, and Guardian Industries. As for his education, Charles graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5. Ingvar Kamprad – $56.5 billion

Ingvar is the richest man in Sweden and the fifth richest man in the world. He is the owner of Ikea, the largest furniture retailer on the planet. Ingvar is also a member of the Ikano Group, a group that owns four Ikea franchises in Asia, several real estate properties, and a credit card business. Interestingly enough, Ingvar lived in Switzerland for more than 40 years in order to evade the taxing system in Sweden, one that he considered to progressive for his liking.

4. Amancio Ortega – $57.3 billion

Amancio owns 59 percent of Inditex, the world’s largest clothing retailer. Inditex also owns the fashion chain Zara, which is a brand renowned throughout the world, and several other brands like Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, and Stradivarius. Amancio has most of his wealth invested in real estate, owning properties in all the major cities in Spain, Europe, and the United States. Needless to say, he is also the richest man in Spain.

3. Warren Buffett – $60.2 billion

Warren is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the largest publicly traded holding company in the world. It would be tiresome to list out all the brands that Berkshire Hathaway has invested in over the years. Let’s just say that Geico, Lubrizol, and MidAmerican Energy is among them. Warren also has shares in companies like Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, and American Express. Just like Larry Ellison, he is part of ‘The Giving Pledge’, according to which 95 percent of his wealth will be donated to charity after he dies.

2. Carlos Slim – $66.8 billion

Although many consider Carlos to be THE richest man in the world, the fact that most analysts see him as a close second says a lot about how rich he really is. Carlos is involved in telecommunications via America Movil, in mining via Minera Frisco, and banking via Inbursa. He also has a lot of money invested in the construction industry. Carlos also has shares in Philip Morris, YPF, and the New York Times.

1. Bill Gates – $71.2 billion

Bill was the first person to see the potential of Personal Computers all those years ago, and both he and Microsoft benefited from this. At the moment, Bill Gates retains his title as the world’s wealthiest man, a title he doesn’t value very much. Bill owns ‘just’ 5 percent of Microsoft nowadays, and he is also the largest shareholder of the biggest railroad company in Canada. Bill is also one of the most charitable people in the world, and has decided to donate all of his wealth to the foundation that he and his wife have established after his death. Meanwhile, he donates large amounts of money to charity on a monthly basis.